7 chia seeds side effects have to know before consume

Although taking two spoonful chia seeds daily into our diet can help us stay healthy and fit, it has few side effects as like gastrointestinal problems, blood pressure disorders and allergies. In this article, I discuss about some information on chia seeds side effects.
chia seeds side effects

1. Lower the Blood Pressure

As chia seeds are rich in fatty acids, it lowers the blood pressure to alarming levels. Hence the people, who are currently taking low blood pressure medication, aspirins or blood thinners for other conditions and planning surgery, should be avoid to taking chia seeds into their diets.

2. Allergic problem

The protein levels of Chia seeds are high, as a result some people may have allergic problem to chia seeds. The allergic symptoms of chia seed may include, diarrhea, skin rashes, hives and watery eyes. Without this some associated symptoms may occur as like trouble breathing and vomiting. If you observe any of these allergic symptoms after taking the chia seeds, consult a doctor without delay.

3. Gastrointestinal Side Effects of chia seeds

Gastrointestinal disruptions are one of the most familiar chia seeds side effects such as formation of gas, constipation and hard stools to diarrhea, and bloated feeling after ingesting chia seeds.

4. chia seeds side effects on Pregnant Women

Some researches have shown that chia seeds may have effects on pregnant women, although it is not clear that how they or their child may be affected. Hence it is given advice to pregnant women not to taking chia seeds throughout their pregnancies period and breast-feeding time to stay on the safe side.

5. Chia seeds are excellent source of vitamin B17, so it is advice not to consuming chia seeds and B17 simultaneously to avoid overdoses.

6. The people who have a history of negative reactions to mustard seeds are advice to taking chia seeds carefully, since the side effects created by these seeds are often seen in the people who consume chia seed as well.

7. Increase the risk of Prostate Cancer

Chia seeds contain a huge amount omega-3 fatty acids most of them are alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Some researches propose that big amounts of alpha-linolenic acid in the diet is not beneficial to us it may increase the risk of prostate cancer, if it remains intake in the body. The people who have prostate cancer or have a high risk of getting it, are advice to avoid eating large quantity of chia seeds.
If ALA is convert into “active” forms (EPA and DHA), before used by our body, than it is beneficial to us. Unluckily, human beings are not good at converting this into DHA, the most significant Omega-3 fatty acid.

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