Constipation symptoms and remedies

constipation symptomsWhat is constipation?
Constipation is characterized as fewer stools less than three stools per week. The constipation symptoms are tough and infrequent stools, difficulty passing stools, or a sense of unfinished emptying after a bowel movement. If it is one bowel movement per week than it is called severe constipation. Lack of appetite, abdominal discomfort and lower back pain are also constipation symptoms.

Various causes for constipation
There are various causes of constipation most of them are lifestyle factors such as low fiber diets, not taking enough water, not exercising regularly, hormonal disorder, poor bowel habits, abuse of laxatives, medication, stress, depression and anxiety, high levels of estrogen and progesterone throughout pregnancy.

In a situation connected with constipation usually means that which you’ve acquired a single or fewer bowel-movements in the typical day. This may transpire since you’ve only improved your daily diet coming from poor foodstuff to good foodstuff. Your body possesses to adjust to all the foodstuff, and so you have to provide your system time to get accustomed to the item.

Another familiar cause for constipation is dehydration. In case you don’t experience the right level of water every single day, you’ll have trouble with all your intestines currently being struggled to press squander available.

What exactly is and so poor in relation to currently being constipated is actually everything terrible stuff that our system naturally eradicates keeps with us. This type of leads to distress, fatigue, and in some cases body weight preservation. This situation is like a buildup of toxic inside of us: it can lead to difficulties when you ignore it too long. So what is it possible to perform while you’re constipated to improve the matter? I have several unrefined in addition to healthy strategies for this particular constipation remedies.

Water and constipation remedies
Over 60% of our body weight is water. If it is less then we have to face trouble. So we have to be taking in about 3 to 5 liter water everyday according to our body weight and environment to keep proper amount of water in our body.

Foods for constipation remedies
When we cooked our raw foods then generally we have lost some natural ingredients by heat. So, uncooked foodstuff has significant value. This means that we should be taking some row foods in our daily meals. This raw foods can be fresh fruit or veggies such as apple, carrot etc. Then the body may take advantage of the 100 % natural ingredients.

Keep fiber in your daily meals
It is suggested that you should keep more fiber in your daily meals to relief form constipation. Work with flaxseed just as one ingredient for your dishes. You are able to mix a tablespoon of it than it straight into the food to give you additional soluble fiber (to help you get you moving) in addition to Omega 3s as well.

To stimulate our system, we should be began our day with some natural juice as like lemon juice. It helps us to clear out our colon.

Regular Exercise
Regular Exercise helps us to constipation remedies. Keep half an hour for exercise daily or minimum three times a week.

Avoid the foods to constipation remedies
The foods that are high sugar should be avoided to constipation remedies. The high sugar foods are soft drinks, candy, cheese etc. We should also be avoided the alcohol and caffeine to constipation remedies.

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