Forskolin supplement benefits and side effects

The plant Coleus Forskohlii is a member of the mint family. As like others family members it also contains a multitude of active compounds. The most valuable ingredient, Forskolin’s derived from the tuberous roots of the plant. The plant is native to subtropical and tropical regions of India and east Africa such as India, Thailand, Myanmar as well as Brazil and Uganda. The height of it is 60 cm. It has large and soft leaves. For long history, people used it as a traditional medicine include the treatment of:

  • Digestive disorders.
  • Respiratory disorders.
  • Cardiovascular problem.
  • Central nervous systems.
  • Skin problems.
  • Body stiffness and rheumatism.

Moreover, Forskolin supplement people also used it to treat heart, blood, circulation conditions, and cancers. In 1970s, people investigated the cardiovascular activity of the plant.
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Other Names
Plectranthus barbatus, Plectranthus forskalaei, 17beta-acetoxy-8,13-epoxy-1alpha, 6beta,9alpha-trihydroxylabd-14-en-11-one, Plectranthus grandis, Borforsin, Coleus, Coleus barbatus, Coleus forskolii, Coleus forskohlii, Colforsin, Colforsine, Forskohlii, Indian coleus, Forskolina, Forskoline, HL-362, L-75-1362B, Plectranthus barbatus.

How does it work
Many clinical researches show that the forskolin can acts as a natural activator, controller and regulator of the enzyme (adenylate cyclase). This enzyme increases the production of the important cellular messenger compound cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). This Cyclic-AMP reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, positive inotropic action in the heart, anti-glaucoma, prevents platelet aggregation, lung health and beneficial for lipolysis and obesity.

There is little information on toxicity of forskolin supplement. Very few reports show embryo associated toxicity.

Forskolin benefits

Several researches have done on forskolin which shows that it has many health benefits. Some of these forskolin benefits have sufficient reports and other has insufficient reports. The forskolin is used to treat allergies, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, obesity, high blood pressure, glaucoma, insomnia, sexual problems in men, chest pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), urinary tract infections (UTI), bladder infections, cancer, blood clots, and other conditions.

forskolin supplement for weight loss
Cyclic AMP stimulate the production of enzymes and hormones (such as thyroid) that fuel your metabolism. As a result begins a calorie burning process. This process not only melts away existing fat but also prevents you from adding new fat. Consequently it increased your stamina and energy. We know that obesity take place when an additional fat is build up in the muscles of the body. Hence forskolin supplement can act as a weight loss aid to the people who are looking to reduce body fat. Many Studies have shown that many overweight people have a lower cyclic AMP production than those of fit body persons. However, more research is required to better understand if and under which circumstances coleus may help burn fat. Although there is not enough evidence but it is a great benefit to those who will like to get rid of obesity naturally.

Cardiovascular health
Several researches have showed that forskolin can improve the cardiovascular health. Forskolin works on heart muscles by increasing the forces. It will lead to opening the blood vessels and pump blood to different parts of the body easily. As a result lowers blood pressure. Overall, increases the oxygen transportation and improve heart health.

Treating Asthma
Some research shows that lower cAMP levels is the characteristic symptoms of eczema and asthma. Forskolin supplement can help to relieve from the asthma by increasing cAMP level.

Treating Glaucoma
Some early research suggests that the forskolin supplement eye drops can significantly lower intraocular pressure without any side effects. As a result it is believed that forskolin can be used in treating glaucoma.

Testosterone levels
Forskolin increases your testosterone hormone levels. It improves sexual function in men and overall lean body mass.

Forskolin Dosage
The forskolin dosage may differ from product to product. It depends on the application. It should be remember that it should to read the instructions on the label carefully. Typically it would be taken one or two capsules per day. There are several forskolin supplements available on the market such as Forskolin 125mg tablets or Forskolin 250mg capsules. The dosage may 25 to 300 mg per day.

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Forskolin side effects

Low blood pressure: forskolin supplement is connected with lowering blood pressure. If a low blood pressure patient is consuming this pill then it may drop the pressure too much. If you are taking some medication as like blood thinners or anti-hypertensive medications with the forskolin then it can act as a fluctuating blood thinner. Therefore it can cause common complications. Forskolin influence on the glucose transportation and increases the blood glucose. It increases blood flow to the heart which can lead to chance of dizziness and lightheadedness.

Like most dietary supplements, it is better to consult with a doctor before consuming this forskolin supplement. especially if you have a health condition such as pregnant, breast-feeding, nursing mothers, low blood pressure, polycystic kidney disease or you are under 18 to stay on the safe side. It can increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery. Moreover it may feel some slight stomach discomfort or nausea in case of some people.

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