Nitric oxide supplements side effects

Although, nitric oxide supplements has many benefits but it has some side effects. Nitric oxide supplements are made of combination of some amino acids. They have common side effects or individual side effects.
The common nitric oxide supplements side effects are low blood pressure, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, vomiting and loss of balance.

Lower Blood Pressure
The most common nitric oxide supplements side effect is lower the blood pressure. Hence who are patient of low blood pressure or hypotension, should not take it. If taken some low pressure symptoms may occur such as headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, shortness of breath and loss of balance. These sign may be worse when standing from a sitting position or when urinating. If these signs are happening in case of you, immediately consult with a doctor.

Digestive problems
Another nitric oxide supplements side effect is stomach discomfort including increase in the number of stools, nausea and stomach pain. Particularly in case of arginine supplements. It would be worsen if it is taken during empty stomach. Consult your doctor if you are facing these problems.
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Decrease Dopamine Levels
Dopamine, an organic neurotransmitter, is liable for regulating motivation stage, Cognitive ability, Short and long term memory etc. It may decrease by consuming the nitric oxide supplements, although this side effect is rare. Nevertheless, someone can increase dopamine levels by exercising and dieting.

Changes the electrolytic behavior
Nitric oxide supplements could change the electrolytic behavior of some chemical in the body. If you are facing kidney or liver problem you should not take nitric oxide supplements as these organs regulate electrolytes.

Affect on blood sugar
Nitric oxide supplements can also affect blood sugar. A research on these supplements shows that it may raise glucose uptake during work out which is related to type 2 diabetes.

Increased Bleeding
If someone has a bleeding disorder or taking blood thinner medications as like aspirin, heparin, should not taking nitric oxide supplements without consulting a doctor as it may boost the risk of bleeding.

Arginine related problem
All the research works on arginine are not positive. It may cause frequent urination problem by consuming excess amounts of arginine. One should not take over dosages and should be keeping under 5000 mg per day. The arginine containing nitric oxide supplements side effects are abdominal pain, bloating, increased risk of bleeding, risk of heart attack, diarrhea, gout, allergies, airway inflammation, worsening of asthma, and low blood pressure. The effect on children, pregnancy or breast-feeding women are not known, hence it should be avoid in these cases to stay on the safe side.

Histidine related problem
Histidine, which is an amino acid, is frequently used in some nitric oxide supplements. If this amino acid is used combined with another amino acid beta-alanine or carnosine and these two compounds are high in levels, it may be shown zinc imbalances and deficiencies. It may occurs Diarrhea, Impotence, Delayed sexual maturation, Impaired appetite etc.
However, if you are taking any medications, it’s always best to consult a doctor before adding nitric oxide supplement to your diet.
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