Yacon syrup benefits and side effects – weight loss fact

Recently people use Yacon syrup as weight loss medication. It is extracted from Yacon Root. The people of Incas in peru eat this yacon root for hundreds of years because it provides some calories and sweet tasting. Moreover the people of South America such as Bolivia and Brazil use this root for medicinal purpose of diabetes or other digestive and renal disorders. The yacon plant is a relative of the sunflower but the root looks like similar to one kind of sweet potato. On the other hand the taste more likes an apple. The yacon extracted syrup contains up to 50 percent of fructooligosaccharides (FOS). It provides a huge amount of fiber. Yacon syrup calories level is very low about 20 calories per tablespoon. Actually yacon found as powder, dried chips or slices, syrup and pills. Moreover you can also consume the tubers as raw, adding with salads or as homemade syrup.

Yacon syrup benefits

Yacon syrup benefits

There are many benefits of yacon syrup. Recent research and clinical studies on yacon shows that it has remarkable weight loss benefits. It is known as “Metabolism Game Changer.” The secret lie is high in Fructooligosaccharide which acts as a prebiotic and promotes the “skinny bacteria” in one’s gut. Except excellent charging your metabolism this will act as a natural appetite suppressant all over the day. If you consume this syrup at least three months in regular basis then you will see that you have lost a significant body weight.

The pure organic yacon syrup not only has weight loss benefit but also has many others benefits. It has low sugar level, so you can use it into tea or coffee or any other foods as alternative sweeteners. But it should be taking into account that not used in cooking or baking because over 120°C the fructooligosaccharides will break down.

The main ingradient of Yacon syrup is fructooligosaccharides which has a very low glycemic index. Hence it’s not easily broke down into sugar in the body. Therefore FOS does not raise blood sugar that leads to insulin spike and weight gain as well as help stop cholesterol synthesis in liver. So it is helpful for the patients of diabetes. It has also antioxidant activities; because it contains two antioxidant elements – chlorogenic acid and tryptophan.

This syrup is also an excellent source of calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, caffeic acid, protocatechuic, ferulic acids and amino-acids. The potassium helps to relax blood vessels and lowers strain on cardiovascular system which is helpful for heart diseases. Calcium can prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis. Moreover it is also useful for kidney or other digestive and renal disorders. A unsupported study shows that it has anticancer effects. But you should remember that it has a little science behind the benefits of yacon.

Yacon syrup side effects

Yacon is soluble fiber. So it shows similar side effects like others soluble fiber shows. Moreover, if someone takes over dosage, then it may create some side effects. The common side effects of yacon syrup are gas production, diarrhea, flatulence, nausea and digestive discomfort. Hence it is better to take proper amount. It should be taken before the meals and effective dosage about 4-5 teaspoons per day. If you are a patient of IBS, SIBO, MS, eczema or migraines then you should consult your doctor before consuming it. There is no adequate research on pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers that it is safe or not. So it is better not to use at this time.

Where can I buy yacon syrup:

At this time the yacon is hot cake in the market as weight loss aid, hence good amounts of company starting to produce it but all are not equal pure. Many manufacturers use many ingredients to reduce production cost. Therefore it is difficult to identify for someone which product is 100% Pure that he/she wants to buy. All products have a similar consistency and flavor. Amazon is one of the best market place for someone, if he/she wants buy online system. If you want to buy in online systems then you have to make sure that if the manufacturer provides money back guarantee and the condition of refund. It must be organic, not a synthesis product. Although the yacon found as powder and pill but the syrup is best. Pill is not a good plan.

Yacon syrup dosage

Several studies show that the effective dosages are about 10 grams of fructooligosaccharides per day, which is equivalent to about 20-25 grams of Yacon syrup per day (about 4-5 teaspoons per day). It should be consume about 1 hour before meals.

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